Renewed Resolutions

I posted my last blog entry on National Delurking Day. January 14th, 2011. It’s a been a week and I sit here still scared to post again. First let me say that Delurking day was a success. I took the time and did some delurking of my own taking time out of my day to tell some of my favorite bloggers, about myself and that I thought their little space online was one of my liking. I also had quite a few of my own readers reach out to me. That day as the various comments and emails came in I was besides myself. I mentioned in my post that I could see the page views and so I always knew they were out there but that they should say hi. I was beyond excited and appreciative as they told me as I did, why they like me and a bit about themselves. All this seems positive, right?

The problem came the very next day when I again thought I’d sit at the computer and poor out my heart or a piece of my mind that day and I would be fine with it. Especially now that I knew a couple of the people reading my blog. WRONG. I completely froze. Every day for over a week, I’ve managed to write a couple of journal entries as well as worked on home work assignments and like for the most part I don’t find it hard to write. Yet instead of publish I pressed delete. I’m still, as I type this, fighting the urge to hold the delete button on my keyboard and watch the words disappear. I’m absolutely terrified that I’ll let some of those readers down or disappoint them for subscribing me or adding me to readers that are for the most part a bit much to read in a day for most, if anything like me.

Then today as I subscribe to more than one motivational email newsletters for ideas about writing. This particular one being from wordpress. “30 quotes to kick off 2011”. I read through them and I must say more than one rang true but the one that brought me to have a clear view of what the problem was is this.

“I have been correcting the proofs of my poems. In the morning, after hard work, I took a comma out of one sentence…. In the afternoon I put it back again.” ~Oscar Wilde

Here was Oscar Wilde basically or the way I see it having the same problem I face with my simple blog. I started thinking about why I started it in the first place and that couldn’t be any simpler, I love to write. I’ve been to through much to ever forget that and know that the only way I can relive those moments and new memories is to write them. I also want to be able to look back at what I was like during this time. I don’t ever want to forget how I got started in the business I want to be a part of so badly. As for my readers, I urge you to help with this problem and continue to reach out to me in anyway possible. Although I have a renewed confidence in that this blog is for me. I want to know what others think and would love to get used to it before you guys eventually read a book authored by me. Wishful thinking I know but I can’t give up.



  1. Authoring a book is one thing that I believe that so many feel inspired to do, but even more just never can bring themselves to get done. Blogging gives us the incentive to WRITE every chance we can get to feel inspired – but I wouldn’t blame you for taking time away from it. I start a new semester this week and while I get in the swing of things I probably won’t blog much. Although, today I may take a 5 minute break to write something if I can find some inspiration. Some days just sitting down at the computer, cracking my knuckles and beginning isn’t enough. You can’t let anyone down. I mean, you won’t. People (myself included) subscribed with the understanding of how the blog community can be. Sometimes its hit, sometimes its miss. You can’t please everyone so write what you feel most confident writing about. 😀 That’s what I say anyway!


  2. Hey Jose,
    I feel you frustration.
    I started teaching myself to write several years ago. It’s kind of like learning to ride a bicycle, you fall down, skin your knees, your bruised, but you get right up, and try it all over again.

    I suggest you write everyday just to yourself. Sit down and write for 5-10 minutes non-stop, no punctuation, just write uninterrupted. After a few days you will see that writing will come more easily. Cheers! Charlie

    PS: Let know after a few days how is is going. When it gets to be automatic, then your editing and punctuating will turn it into something; remember, editing and punctuation is not writing!

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