Five Years


It’s funny how you remember some things, but some things you can’t.” ~ Forrest Gump


I have to agree with Forrest that it’s “funny” how the mind works. I remember the day my son was born like it was yesterday. If I go farther back I can recall the exact moment when I thought of the name I would be saying with love (ok sometimes anger) for the rest of my life. It was like being struck by lightning the day his mom told me I’d be a father. Yet in no way prepared me for the day when he arrived (two months early to boot). I remember a whole bunch of first’s. Each filling me with countless emotions (again, sometimes anger.) Yet as I try and take inventory of the full five years now, I almost feel guilty because somewhere along the way, time picks up steam and it has blurred by. I’ve been lucky enough to be present for just about everyday of my son’s life. Yet I’m blown away by the person I get to spend my days with as of recently.He’s five going on 15 and as frighting as that notion is, I couldn’t be any prouder of the confidence he shows in all he does. 
Yesterday he pointed out how lucky I was that I was tall. His logic: I can see out of all the windows. I thought that was interesting and as is the usual case I went with the conversation and asked for more critical thinking behind his observation. He added: I’m lucky because the front and back windows make the world slow down. His best view was the side window and through that window he only gets half the view because he has to look up and everything goes by faster. I told him that was interesting and that I like that he can tell me those things. I couldn’t believe it. Here he was annoyed at the passing tree’s probably just as much as I am at the passage of the time. Yet he had a perfect solution for his. It was just a matter of perspective. He unknowingly reminded me that I need to keep my sight forward and look at the road ahead before it blast past me while I’m distracted and looking else where.