This story starts just about a week ago. In fact maybe even a little farther back when as a family we decided that in an effort to help with maintaining a healthy lifestyle we’d shun fast food. I can trace it back to an appearance by Anthony Bourdain on either Leno or Jimmy Fallon he stated that he’s convinced his daughter that “the colonel, the crown, & the clown” were evil. I’ve adopted the same philosophy but have to admit that It was easy for the first 6 or so months and have recently fallen off the wagon. Never the less still conscious that it can not become the norm again, but instead a maybe one every 2 or 3 months affair. So fast forward till about a week ago. Kalel, whom this has been the hardest on, is like any other 5 year old and just wants the “happy” meal. So I gave in to heading to burger king (the crown) for breakast. I figured it was our best bet, I mean breakfast is breakfast. We ordered the big platter and To make it even a safer bet we’d share one and just got our own drinks. Milk for him and coffee for me. Kalel was so happy that we were there, that he talked an talked about everything and anything. The previous night on TV, the latest idea for the avengers movie, and his plans for swimming later in the day. We’d not been there for 15 min when the older gentleman sitting in the booth next to us asked him how old he was. Kalel quickly answered “five, but I’ll be six soon”. He guessed that it meant Kalel would be starting kindergarten soon. Well Kalel quickly said “nope, first grade”. Well it only went on and built up from there. Kalel spoke with the gentlemen for the next ten min as if I wasn’t there. I heard both of them laugh and sigh. One would have thought they were best of friends. When this gentleman was ready to leave he handed Kalel some money. Now I know with my being out of work we’re not over flowing with cash but I wasn’t completely comfortable with him giving Kalel money so I politely said it’s OK. Kalel asked why and he added that it was not for me it was for him. The gentleman added that it wasn’t much but that I should consider him buying breakfast an that we should enjoy it because he sure had enjoyed his. He added that the wife and I were doing a fine job because he was just brilliant. Kalel said thank you as did I and he went on his day. I sat there in awe of what happened and Kalel was already in his own head making plans for what to do with his $10. When we got home he looked for his Superman wallet and put the $10 away. Now here we were today. Gris got home late from a particularly long day at work and with helping him finish up the last of his homework, dinner had been put on the back burner. We’ll he had a brilliant idea. He would buy mommy and daddy dinner? So off we went and although we tried to keep the fries to a minimum we all had some burger king again. I’ve since replaced the money in his superman wallet but he was as happy as I’ve ever seen him counting out the money to pay at the drive thru. As you can imagine it was more than the $10 so I had given him the rest. I’m ready now for bed bit as I watch him now sleeping I’m blown away by the heart I see in him. I love you Kalel I’m already so very proud.