#resound11 ~ December 2, 2011: Vices.

This year I decided that along with taking control of my life emotionally, I would also do it physically. I’m not stranger to fitness as I came into this year already being a marathoner and before that spending a “few” year in the Marine Corps. I think that gives me a false sense of security though because any time I put on a few extra pounds, I know I can get back into it. I didn’t take into account how much more difficult it proved to be every time back on the horse.
I started the year vowing to step up my training. I’d started training for my second marathon in October of 2010 and actually injured myself because I again had packed on weight since I completed my first marathon in March of that same year. So I managed to put another marathon race together thanks to my family’s support along the course and my teammates over at Team 2 End AIDS.
I couldn’t have done it though with out losing the weight AGAIN. Which is where todays prompt comes in.
Vices: Did you slip back into any old habits that you wish you hadn’t? Did you gain any new habits that you wish you would have walked away from? Did you discover the evils of Nutella?
I must admit I started the year off with an injury and well I knew that it was because of the weight and that I was biting off more than I could chew with the mileage increasing. As a runner I had the will to keep going but my body couldn’t keep up. So along with that injury was the resolved to stop eating fast food. That did the trick and by marathon day I was no longer as big as when I injured myself. So even though the day ended up being a day mother nature unleashed a freakish storm on us I completed the marathon.
I was not going to be beat down into the post race blues again and so I signed up for my first triathlon in the fall. Training intensified and so did my appetite. For the most part I held my ground and started actually cooking at home a lot more. Both a result of wanting to eat better and finally biting the bullet that it was a lot more economical. If I wanted it to taste better I’d just have to get better at cooking.
I lost more weight though and so I slipped back into old habits and cheated by eating one meal at McDonald’s. That opened the door for other fast food places and then worst of all to eating pizza. I managed to keep the weight under control because I was still working out quite a bit but I stopped making gains(or I should say losses). It’s not like I ate fast food everyday but just once is enough when you’re addicted to this stuff as I am. It doesn’t make it any easier when my 5 year old wants a “Happy Meal”.
I was not defeated by this and think I’ve even devised a perfect plan to keep my son from craving it as much as I do. I get him involved in preparing the meals at home and tell him how it directly affects the way I perform on a run or a work out. He’s a little ball of energy and wants to bike/run/swim just like daddy.
I’m happy to say I don’t believe I’ve picked up any negative habits. Now that’s a positive, and as far as Nutella is concerned: I love it but because I’ve heard of the evils I’m skeptical of what I put it on. For now just as a work out supplement.

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