#resound11 ~ December 3, 2011: Virtues

Virtues: What good have you done in 2011? Where do you really shine? What have you done that makes you proud of yourself?

It’s only the third day and already I’m finding it difficult to write today’s entry. I think it says a lot about where I am as a person. I didn’t find it all difficult to describe my year on the 1st. Or to explain a downfall I failed to conquer. Yet today when the task is giving myself an at-a-boy, I’ve started and deleted several times. Before actually walking to the restroom, looking in the mirror, and vowing to write with out hesitation. 

In order to do this I decided to take the advice of a fellow Resound/Reverb blogger. Tui took the time to comment on my self-deprecation. Her advice was simple. When being hard on myself, I should pretend I’m speaking to a friend or about a friend. That being said let me tell you about my friend Jose. 

My friend does not cease to amaze me. He did not have the easiest year because of his employment status and other personal circumstances. Yet he spent the entire year training for several endurance events (Marathon & a triathlon in order to raise money for AIDS Project Los Angeles.

If I wasn’t impressed enough by his physical feats I have to say where he shines is when he’s trying to inspire others. Others may see his accomplishments as large and not possible but he always speaks of the process and it’s accessibility for anyone that wants it. He’s inspired others to take up running but more importantly to take accountability of their health by being an example and not just a lecture. 

I think what he is most proud of is his 6 year old. I can’t give him all the credit for that because his wife is just as responsible for his awesomeness. Yet I will say that his ability to communicate with his son is amazing and even his wife will attest to that. Jose is well aware that he is the biggest example for his son and is doing a hell of a job. 


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