#resound11 ~ December 4, 2011: Superpower


Superpower: Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound … we know you’ve got one. What’s your 2011 superpower?

The moment I read this prompt I smiled from ear to ear. I am of course the biggest Superman fan in the world. After all who else can claim they tuck Kal(El) into bed every night. (ok so Nicolas Cage stole my name but I’m not bitter, we don’t frequent the same circles.)

I know there were others before Christopher Reeves but I grew up with him as Superman. After him came Dean Cain then, Tom Welling really solidified my wonder of the Man of Steel. Some did not like Brandon Routh but heck it was Superman, that’s all that mattered. 2012 will bring us Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel.

In 2011 though I didn’t have a problem filling the vacancy. The picture above was from my teams’ Halloween fun run. As you can see 5 miles later and I hardly broke a sweat.

My superpower is not being faster than a bullet although, I’m becoming quite the rabbit after months of hard work. I’m not more powerful than a locomotive but in my defense that’s a bit “dated”. I can though “leap” tall buildings with a single TEXT or email message. The Internet has really shrunk our planet.

Just this year while having the honor and pleasure of serving as guest editor of one of my favorite blogs (www.the3six5.posterous.com) I traveled around the world meeting an array of amazing people. I noticed then what my 2011 superpower was. I can time travel. Yes time travel.

All it takes is seeing a picture or listening to a song and I’m right back in that moment, in that instant. Reliving those emotions and feelings. Once I focus I can remember smells and clothes(colors). It made we want to write things down because I’m not sure how long this superpower will last.

All over the Internet I see evidence of folks really hurting to remember. Or saddened by it just being a picture and not being “there” again. So I feel lucky that I can go back there.

It’s also helped me stop worrying about the future or obsessing about it. After all I need to really enjoy every moment if I’m to ever go back to it.


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