#resound11 ~ December 5, 2011: Theme Song

Themesong: If your life was a television show, what would its theme song be? What music would be cued at the start of the show or when you entered a scene?

The first time I heard this particular song was after the worst ocean swim I had all summer training for my first triathlon. The waves weren't particularly "angry" that day. In fact I remember thinking how calm the waters looked before heading out. I swam about a half a mile along the coastline and once I tried to swim back the nausea took over. I felt completed defeated. I was actually forced out of the water and walked along the coastline literally with my head down. My carpool buddy and I were in the same boat and even our drive back home started uncharacteristically quiet for us. Just then Andy Grammar came on the radio. The Shazam app on my iPhone quickly found the song and I remember being happy right away. 

Once home my curiousity took over and before long I'd downloaded the entire album. Listened through it taking in all the lyrics and songs on the entire album because YES the whole thing is amazing. In this world of Facebook. I shared my love of this song and Andy. Every single song resonated with me and after reading about Andy and his story. From singing on the street to making it onto the very radio station I finally listened to his music on.

So with that said if my life was adapted to be a TV show the theme song would have to be a sound bite of the chorus of the above song. Maybe starting off with the first verse. His whole album reads like a story and I'm sure the scenes and moments I saw play out in my mind could be and would be so visually stunning and epic by Andy's narrative. This of course would be for the season of the show covering the span of 2011 for me. From "Lunatic" to "Love Love Love". I hope by the end of 2012 I feel like "The Biggest Man In Los Angeles"

If Andy Grammar and his lyrics and music hadn't made such a big impact on me this year I think I would have stuck to my normal type of music for "the show". That would be anything Sinatra. I know you can't go wrong with "ol' blue eyes". Most movies with even just one Sinatra song on them are pretty amazing.

I'll leave you with the knowledge that I'm totally nerd-ing out just thinking about a TV show based on my life. After all I do want to write for a living.

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