#resound ~ December 9, 2011: Best Photo


Best Photo: Today, please post your best photo of the year. It doesn’t have to be the best technically, it doesn’t have to be the best visually, but it should be a photo that you consider the best. Does it have special meaning? Is it of a significant event or moment?

This is my favorite picture of 2011. I racked my brain all day and re-lived my entire year through the extensive number of photographs I’ve taken of my family and realized they were mostly of my son. He’s changed so much from even the beginning of the year. Yet I like how this picture really catures him. 

Since he was born he’s had a camara (or smartphone) in his face. So much so that when he was four it was a sure way to get him to stop crying because bringing the camara out meant he would smile or make some silly face for the camara to capture. Even urging me to take another when what he saw on the lcd screen of the digital camara wasn’t to his liking. 

By the time he was 5 as he would gladly point out to anyone asking, he no longer fell for dad’s tired old tricks. Infact doesn’t seem to care when dad brings up his phone because I take a ton of pictures of him constantly always trying to capture who my little boy really is. 

Years from now when I can’t see that little face anymore I will remember the day we had when I froze this moment in time.

What do you think? What does this picture say to you?  


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