#resound11 ~ December 12, 2011: 12 in 12


12 in 12: Take today to talk about 12 things you would like to accomplish in 2012. These 12 things can be 12 resolutions, 12 changes in your life, 12 wines you’d like to drink, 12 cities you’d like to visit, or 12 monthly goals. 

I chose to write about my 12 monthly goals. I already have a few races set so I’ll set the rest of the months now and then I will have no choice but to try and meet every goal in my race schedule. 

January. On the 28th I will take part in my second Spartan Race. I did the Malibu Sprint in November this year and will now step up to the Super Spartan distance.

February. I don’t have any official races this month but with it being the month before race day (LA Marathon) training has me running 20 miles at the beginning of the month and 23 miles at the end of it. 

March. Race time. The 27th annual Los Angeles Marathon. My 3rd time on the incredible “stadium to the sea” course. Not to mention the first time my wife will join the ranks of a great club “marathoners”

April. A month after I run the marathon I will be take on a new challenge for me. The Ragner Relay, a 200+ mile relay race with 11 of my running friends. From Hermosa Beach down to San Diego.

From here it shoud get interestng and you might call it wishful thinking because I need to register for some of these soon and I’m not certain that how that will happen. 

May. Again no official event but if this year served as a blue print it’s a month of recovery and reconditioning as I switch over to triathlon training. Here comes summer. 

June. Training should be picking up and getting sport specific but i want to try out a trail run and I think a half marathon is just the thing. Simi Valley Arroyo Creek Half Marathon. If I can make this one happen I’m confident the rest of my monthly goals will be met no problem.

July. No official event this month either I want to really concentrate on training as it will really set me up for a great fall. 

August. I want to make sure and get this Sprint Tri in at Hansen Dam. Work out the kinks to my transitions before my Olympic Tri in Malibu. 

September. Will find me back at Malibu for the Nautica International Distance Triathlon. I want to beat my time and for it to count I hope to finish under 3 hours. I can do this. 

October. Rock n Roll half marathon will make it two for the year and I hope to better my time from the half in June. Road time should be better than trail so yes I should PR. 

November. Malibu Spartan Sprint It’s going to be on the Marine Corps Birthday. So long as I’m breathing this will happen. I hope to have as many folks there as possible. I will of course also be running in a turkey trot. Establishing it as a great family tradition. 

December. Even though after reading all the reviews from the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon & Half Marathon I’ll take any excuse to get back to Vegas. I’d also love to some how make it out to Hawaii for the Honolulu Marathon but that is completely wishful thinking and even putting it on this list is in hopes of putting it out there I want to be in Hawaii. 

Wow that makes for a busy year. I love that at least for one more year I’ll be able to say “I’m not on a diet, I’m training” Here’s to a healthy lifestyle. 


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