#resound11 ~ December 15, 2011: Discovery


Discovery: Discovery can bring on positive change, but sometimes discovery is hard. Sometimes it causes conflict. But after a discovery, something about you just isn’t quite the same. What discovery did you make in 2011? What kind of impact did it have on how you view the world today?

I have lived a very full three decades. Yes pun intended. I’ve eaten quite a lot. I’m a self proclaimed foodie. I have only recently began this love hate relationship with food because I’ve become really aware of what certain foods do to my body. OK so I may have been aware for a lot longer but only now have I chosen to stop ignoring it and do something about it. 

What I discovered this year was that I’ve really got a knack for cooking. I’ve cooked so much this year from full (several) course meals to just sandwiches that intice with flavor. So much that eating out isn’t as inviting as it once was. It’s incredible how with just a little thought on presentation can make a home meal less of a “punishment” as I had come to view it. 

It has completely changed how I view food or even restaurant. I literally look at food and try and figure out how I can make the dish at home. It’s beyond cost effective and I can add my own twist to it. My family seems to enjoy my creativity and it can only improve from here.

I posted this picture on my Facebook and I did get a lot of folks hungry. I guess I’m doing something right. Now excuse me while I go make myself a sandwich. 


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