#resound11 ~ December 16, 2011: Ordinary Extraordinary


Ordinary Extraordinary: Sometimes the most ordinary, mundane things can turn into extraordinary moments. What was one of your most extraordinary ordinary moments this year?

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the bulk of my life. I’ve been to the beach more times than I could ever count. Yet this ordinary (at least in Los Angeles) was one of the most extraordinary days of my year. 

We woke up early and when we left home we actually drove away from the beach and we dropped mommy off at work. We then drove over the hill and decided on Malibu. I usually go to Santa Monica but because of my summer training I’ve grown fond of the bu as some of my T2 buddies began calling it. 

We arrived and I set up camp. It was early and so I knew we would not be swimming right away. I brought my journal and I sat down to write as he played with some sand. When I looked up after a period. I noticed him pretending to surf. I snapped a couple of pictures as I usually do and I was blown away by how big my little boy had gotten in just a short summer. It seemed like not too long before I had dropped him off at Kindergarten and here he was heading for the first grade. 

My morning at the beach just watching my son was one of the best days of my year and I’d had many like it the entire summer. Yet I looked up I think at the exact right moment and it was an extraordinary day. 


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