#resound11 ~ December 18, 2011: Traditions


Traditions: This is the time of year when families are upholding decades old traditions and working to create new ones. It doesn’t matter what you celebrate (or don’t) … please share with us your December traditions: how they got started, why you continue them, and why they are special to you.

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year. A few traditions come to mind. Some caried over from my parents was needing to be with family by midnight. We don’t send Kalel or any of the other children to bed early to await for Santa but instead wait to ring in Christmas almost as if in preview or rehearsal for the following weeks celebration of the new year.

It’s a little harder now that I’m married to be with my family because we’ve had to switch from year to year from my family’s home to hers. A few years back we started having Christmas at our place and we were able to bring both extended families together. Our situation change and that hasn’t been possible as of lately but I hope in 2012 that changes for the better.

The one thing that I can say has been the case for Kalel since his very first Christmas in 2005 is the fresh and amazingly smelling tree. This year was no different and a very beautifully decorated tree stands in proudly in our living room. each ornament admired by all before place meticulously in it’s correct place.

As I look over to admire our tree I’m reminded that we do need a new tree topper but for now we won’t have folks over next year great topper on our even bigger tree.


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