#resound11 ~ December 19, 2011: Then And Now


Then And Now: What was your life like a decade ago? How has your life changed since then? If you’re not feeling wordy today, why not show us some then and now portraits of yourself?

A decade ago was a sad Christmas for a lot of folks. Just a couple of months earlier September 11th the United States had been the target of a horrific terrorist attack. I don’t think anyone alive at the time will ever forget the sights witnessed that day. I was 20 years old and already a couple of years into my Marine Corps enlistment. 

Just writing that makes me realize that so very much has changed. I’m now 30 and married with a child. Not to long after Christmas 2001 I married my highschool sweetheart. 4 years later we had our first and only son (as of now). Through out the decade I traveled to far away lands I had only read about in books up until that point. 

I sit here now a “War” veteran of a war that we were only gearing up for 10 years ago. It saddens me when I remember hearing Iraq and to me it was just that place we had pushed the troops that invaded Kuwait back to. Now you’d probably have trouble finding someone who doesn’t know about Iraq. 

10 years ago since I chose the military instead of college I didn’t really use a computer let alone email. I actually still hand wrote a lot of my communications. Now not a day goes by when I don’t send or receive an email message. I know now what I want to do and that is write. I now know the steps necessary to make that a reality and I know now I’m not as important as being part of something bigger than myself is. Basically my world or the view of the world grew exponentially.


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