#resound11 ~ December 23, 2011: Today Is All You Have


Today Is All You Have: It’s true, today is all you have, so why not make the most of it? Describe your perfect day, one that you’ve had this year or one that you’d like to have next year. What makes it perfect for you?

If forced to pick one day this year it was always the one I was living. Either for the joy it brought me or the lesson it left behind. Examples scattered over various social media outlets I really embraced in this last year. 

I plan for so many just like them in 2012. The only improvement I yearn for is succesful employment. One that does not help kill the enlightement I’ve reached in the trying times presented this year almost gone.

Each day I rise with the warmth of the sun or the mere promise of it. I’m grateful for the day before. I’ve also come to terms that I need to live today so that I deserve tomorrow. 


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