#resound11 ~ December 24, 2011: Try


Try: What is one thing (activity, food, career, event, travel, etc.) that you’d like to try in 2012? Why haven’t you tried it yet? What makes 2012 the year to try it?

2012 will be the year the Callejas family goes on a cruise. There are a lot of reasons why we haven’t. Work schedule and other commitments. Financial availabilty but more importantly just the thought of not being worth a vacation like that. 

This will be the year because I am certain I’m worth it. (Not to mention we’ve been making payments towards that goal for some time.) My family is also worth it and time together (aboard some amazing ship) will be a memory for a lifetime, not just 2012. 

I must admit that it is a little overwhelming and intimidating. Yet adding to the feelings of it being for a higher tax bracket. Well enough of that. If I was good enough to travel on a Navy ship during my time in the Marine Corps why shouldn’t I feel fit to travel to beautiful ports. I’m hoping for the Mexican Riviera. 


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