#resound11 ~ December 25, 2011: All Is Love


All Is Love: Who do you love unconditionally? Who loves you unconditionally? Who do you love despite their flaws? All is love.

I love my wife and it was that love that gave us our son and I ,with out a doubt, love him unconditionally. From the moment I knew he was coming, something inside me began to dream of the time to come. I dreamt of him. I never saw his face in my dreams but I saw him running about our place. I walked about here and there listening to children call for “daddy” and wondered how I would ever be able to resist his demands. 

Then about two months before I was to meet him our little man thought it’d be nice to make his debut. We rushed off to the hospital. It all happened really extremely fast. I walked in with my heart in my arms as I helped Griselda through the double doors and sat her on the wheel chair. Before I knew it, I saw my heart split in two and now it was “outside of me” 

From the moment he opened his eyes he’s not stopped looking up at his daddy. Yes he loves mommy but even she’ll agree Kalel has no bigger super hero than me. I quickly learned that I had to fill those humongous shoes regardless of his already unconditional love. I’ve made mistakes and my son is as resilient as any other and loves beyond measure. As cliche as it sounds we may not have know real love or come to terms with the fact that “all is love” until he was in our lives. 

I know he has his flaws. He’s a Mr. smarty pants (I can’t blame anyone but myself). He’s louder than I would be comfortable with at times. Loves to sing but if I’m being honest can’t carry a tune. Yet I can’t fathom a world with out him in it. When I’m not in a mood it’s exactly those “flaws” that make him special. 

It’s been almost 12 years since I wrote the words. “I love you foibles and all” in my wife’s highschool yearbook and nowadays the same rings true for my Kalel. 


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