#resound11 ~ December 26, 2011: Outro

Outro: Earlier this month we revealed our theme song. Today, share with us the song you would like to be remembered by. Share with us your exit song.

I like things to be uniform so if my intro was Andy Grammer, I want the outro to be him as well. 

If the intro was “Keep your head up” for the outro I’m torn between “Lunatic” or “Miss me”. Miss me being ofcourse more of a series finale. On a day to day though I think Lunatic is more fitting. Giving me peace for the lunacy of my day. Yet giving me motivation to keep getting up the next day. 

I’ve got five bucks sitting at a coffee shop
I just wrote a lyric that made me stop
Think about the world and what I got
It’s a beautiful, beautiful day

I’ve got dreams for food and hope for drink
A new chance coming every time I blink
Sunset dripping off the thoughts I think
It’s a beautiful, beautiful day

Reading the lyrics alone does not do it justice so I’ve included the “video” I’m hoping with that comes a new found love for Andy and another one of his songs maybe speaking more to you. Yet I really hope that if anyone does think of me when I’m no longer here or even when just away from me. That I’m “crazy” enough to believe big things can happen. As Andy so graciously reminds us. “Crazy would be changing my mind” 


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