#resound11 ~ December 27, 2011: Everything Is Going To Be OK


Everything Is Going To Be OK: What is one thing, a sign if you will, that has shown you that things will be just fine in 2012?

The biggest sign for me that things will be fine in 2012 as ironic as is sounds is that they are fine now. As hard as I know things are, they are also fine. The family is healthy (colds here and there excluded). They are not just fine, they are fine despite the troubles still holding me down. 


No way in hell the situation will stay the same in 2012 because one/I must continue forward movement/momentum. We’ve come to learn as a family how to get by with so much less. A lesson we unfortunately must have needed a refresher course on or it wouldn’t have been so. 

We’ve grown closer as a family unit and although are extended families continue to mean a whole lot and hold a dear place in our hearts. It’s our immediate family that has grown some character and it’s a truly a breathing entity now as one. 

The wife and I continue to disagree as two strong willed and strong minded individuals do. Yet lines of communication that took years to lay are now as solid as they will ever be and there is no hardship we won’t overcome with two dare I say three (Kalel is growing up to be such a force) minds at work. 

I can’t wait to close the book on 2011 and as everyone does put my eggs in the 2012 basket and hope for a better year for not just myself but for my family. In the mean time I’ll sit here remembering one of the many beautiful views I enjoyed this year. I remember posting it on Facebook and captioning it “I really can’t/shoudn’t complain”


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