How did you #resound11? This is how I did. Happy New Year!

What a month it was? Yes it’s a New Year but I’m grateful I took the time to #resound11 and it did help slow the month from just ending with out some self reflection and hopefully being a place to look back at. I wrote every day and followed along with each prompt. Read one or read them all. Come back once or come back often! I enjoyed the journey and I hope you enjoy reading. Which do you do you like best? Which spoke to you? Do you agree, disagree? It took me full circle and helped transition 2011 to 2012. I hope for a succefull year. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll agree Callejas thinks it’s all going to work out. 

1. One Word

2. Vices

3. Virtues

4. Superpower

5. Theme Song

6. Thelma & Louise

7. Achievement Unlocked

8. Catch Phrase

9. Best Photo

10. High/Low

11. Best Meal

12. 12 in 12

13. Best Gift

14. Home is…

15. Discovery

16. Ordinary Extraordinary

17. Appreciate

18. Tradition

19. Then & Now

20. Elevator Speech

21. Embrace

22. Identify The Problem

23. Today Is All You Have

24. Try

25. All Is Love

26. Outro

27. Everything Is Going To Be OK

28. Five Things

29. Let Go

30. Future Self

31. One Word


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