#resound11 ~ December 30, 2011: Future Self


Future Self: Today, write a letter to your future self to read on 12/30/12. Write about what you have accomplished. Write about who you are and who you have become. Write a wishlist.

Hey Jose, 

Can you freaken believe that another year flew by. Well I’ll start by wishing you a Happy New Year. So what a year huh. I’m proud of your Marathon runs I’m glad Los Angeles went a lot better than in 2011 but to fit in another marathon along with the Spartan Races and the triathlons awesome. With that schedule of course you finally came under 200 lbs. Here’s to hopiing Christmas didn’t push you back over. 

I hope Kalel is still the happy kid I’m looking at now. He’s kicking but in 3rd grade and well on his way to mastering those skills. I’m of the belief there is no reason to hold him back because of his age. He’s got two great parents in the two of you and he will be be fine. I know it’s harder for you to stay involved with the new job but you’ve done a hell of job and I give credit to the everything you learned over such an extended period of unemployment. 

I wanted to ask what your favorite trip was this year. For me it was San Francisco. Maybe it was the longer drive we decided to take up the coast. Maybe it was because it was a bit of time off. After all the running. It was perfect heading to Northern Cali after spring heading south for both Spartan and Ragner. Besides you know how much the wife loves Bubba, but more importantly being taken somewhere with out having to stress about the decision. So good call on that.

Well get going! I hope you have something awesome planned for tomorrow night. Dare I ask if you made it out to New York? 



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