Gone For A Walk

So I decided we’d go out for the lunch. We walked over to Subway as we often do especially when I’ve scheduled a work out for the afternoon as opposed to an AM work out. Today though it was filled to the brim and it took forever to get to our sandwich artist. Once we did get to him he was rude and yelling commands reminiscint of my time in the Marine Corps and the recruit chow hall we were herded through while at boot camp. I should have expected it though with everyone “sticking” to their NY resolution.

We made it through the line and since there was no availble seating we walked back home before enjoying our sandwiches. Perhaps in our anticipation of the sanwiches we walked a little faster. Or the sun just moved higher in the sky to the perfect position to fry our heads for the walk back. It felt as if it was definitely a hotter walk even f the temps never went over 80 degrees. I thought of hot runs and hot hikes I went on while in the Corps. I thought of a couple specifically hot days on post when all I could think of was the heat.

The days before we pushed north from Kuwait to Iraq and being covered in sweat before even getting back to our tents. Before I could even get to the days and temperatures we experienced one in Iraq(not always hot BTW), Kalel’s laughter brought me back to today. He was laughing because he spilled some water on himself. I remember laughing at myself becaues I don’t think in all the years I was in the Corps I could truly stop from spilling all over the place when hurriedly hydrating with a canteen. I snapped a few pictures of him and the streets we traveled on. Were these the sights my comrades and I spoke of when waiting all those weeks for a ride back stateside. I sure think they were. I mean after all I look at these shots and I realise they might not be perceived by others as they are by me.

I see them as a daily reminder of the life I’m so lucky to have. So instead of being upset about the horrible service we had, I focused on the fact that I get to see Kalel on a daily basis. Once in a better mood I’m glad that there are so many folks making conscious deciksions about their life. I welcome them and feel great about this being something in common with more people. I used that energy to get me through my W.O.D. (power hour) and even fit in about a 3 1/2 mile run before dinner time.

So what shall tomorrow bring? One last week day with my son, and one more day before the long run. Suggestions are always welcome.