#projectreflect12 ~ December 2, 2012: It Happened for a Reason


December 2: It Happened for a Reason

Different things happen for different reasons. Some of them happen to make us stronger, and some happen to make us better people. Describe one thing that happened this year that challenged you to be a better, stronger person, against all odds.  How did this affect you emotionally?


I started raising money a few years back for a very important cause. I won’t even bother getting into the details of why it was dear to me. Some friends dear and close to me know why but I won’t talk about that now because it’s become so much more than when I first kicked off on my “mission”. Now, I’ve written before that although I loved my time in the service I refuse to let it define my entire life. Instead I will carry the lessons learned and apply them to the rest of my life.

If I am to live a full and colorful life then I hope my time im the service will only be a chapter in the storybook that is my life. I don’t mean to dismiss all my experiences but I hope to God that I made it through trying times so that I could do some good and make or at the very least inspire some change in someone/anyones life. After leaving military service, that mindset and need to be part of a bigger group did not easily fade and I quickly found yet another positive outlet. The above mentioned “fundraising group”.

2012 is when this relationship has come to an end. I can now say that it happened for a reason. I find myself stronger not just physically but mentally. At first though it was an emotional weight that crushed me at first and it took all my will and help from friends that I made via the group that I finally came to terms with my decison to leave said group. I went from anger to self doubt and finally arrived at feeling peace because I believe I did a lot of good with my efforts. Now one can ever take that away from me. I also made some amazing friends that I hope will be a part of my life in some capacity.

Once that peace was reached I was even able to move on, as is the case with any relationship. I’m an ambassador for a New Year’s Race which is a sort of resolution race for a lot of people I’ve met since coming onboard to promote the race. I’ve ran a few races even after beginning to train on my own and so that fear of not being able to venture out on my own is gone as well. I had an incredible year of racing in 2012 at a variety of different events. I look forward to kicking of my 2013 and sharing that medal pictured above with a couple thousand folks that are also looking to make a difference in their own life that might resonate with the world around them. 




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