#projectreflect12 ~ December 5, 2012: Accomplishments


December 5: Accomplishments

Did you finally land your dream job? Did you have your first child? Did you finally find “the one?” What is your biggest accomplishment for 2012?


When my wife and I rang in the new year at a pretty low key gathering. The guest list had been finalized weeks in advance and it turned out to be a perfect evening. Dinner was amazing and the wine was always an arms lenth away. So was the apple cider though of that I was sure. My 6 year old would not have had it any other way.

Yes it was a party of 3. Dinner was homecooked and we watched as countries from around the globe rang in the new year and we just chatted the night away. Thinking he wouldn’t make it till midnight but that he did even if by 12:05am he was out cold.

This memory is vivid to me because as I tried to think of my biggest accomplishment I’d have to say how united my little family was and grew to be even more this year. This was the kick off to this amazing year that we are about to say good bye to. It was not with out it’s hardships, but through it all we were together. 

Not too long after that night we as a family headed to San Diego for our very first 10K as a family. I’ve been running for a few years and my family had watched from the crowds and I don’t think they fully understood the euphoria you feel at the finish line of any race. This all changed as we ran our 6.2 miles together. If you’d ask us a few month before what we’d be doing for Valentine’s Day weekend, I would have probably said I was running but not all of us. My wife was running and so was our 6 year old. 

The following month I ran yet another marathon except this time when the wall loomed ahead I smashed through it because I was in awe of my wife and the fact that she was out there on that same course running to inspire our son as well. I’d never been a huge fan of the finish line photo but I couldn’t resist a picture of the three of us. The two of us with medals around our neck and Kalel looking up at us with admiration.

In 2011 that was the end of any racing until the fall when I swam/biked/ran a triahlon and tackled the Spartan race. In 2012 though I managed to fit in more than twice as many races. A couple of half marathons. Hollywood half with it’s monster hill at the end of the race. How insane, the race directors are using the hill no longer being part of the course as a major selling point. Toughmudder was no joke either. Odd looking medal I know but I’ll take it. I earned that 80’s memorabilia.

The most fun I’ve had in my running this year was taking on the Ragnar Relay. I did two this year. The SoCal Race in April and the Las Vegas Race just last month. Incredibly fun both occasions and mentally tough as far as races went. I love the bling I earned by running both. In both instanses we got out of town as a family. Again the main theme was together. Our roadtrips or personal appearances (at the in-laws) were scheduled around our running. October had another half. Long Beach thanks to a combination of two loves running and social media. (VW’s twitter campaign)

Just this last weekend I ran another Spartan Race. For the first time this year my wife was not at the finish line. Thankfully my son was there to hold down the fort at the finish line because they both truly are a burst of energy as I low crawl under the barbed wire through soft mud that wasn’t as soft as one would think.

I have one more race this upcoming Saturday. Santa to the Sea. I’ll be running with my fellow race ambasadors for the New Year’s Race! My wife will be there this time so I need to hurry up and finish. Just because they come and wait for me doesn’t mean they need to wait even 1 more minute than they have to. Definitely motivates me to get back quickly. 

As I recall my year of racing I think they are all great accomplishments. I hope to best the year in number of races and outcomes. Yet I have to add the truly biggest accomplishment is that this all happend while I’m now working a full time job. For the past 3 years and as I kicked off my running “career” I think I even believed that I ran and worked out so much because of my (un)employment status. So to have maintain and even recommited to a healthy life of continuous movement is huge. I credit the family support I have and the belief that when I run I’m a better person. 



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