#projectreflect12 ~ December 6, 2012: Be Kind, Rewind


Be Kind, Rewind

We all do stupid things once in a while, because we’re all human. If it was possible to hit the rewind button, is there something that happened this year, or a particularly awful day, that you would like to rewind and do over?


I can’t really say we all do stupid things once in a while but I’ll be there first to say that I do. This year, even while remember my accomplisthments (yesterday), I had my fair share of dumb moments. A couple fender benders. A few quetionable purchases, and who can forget the total lack of fashion sense simply because my job doesn’t really have a dress code. 

So basically there is not one day that sticks out as particularly aweful. I love everday even when I know before hand it’s going to be “crappy”. (laundry day for example) Especially when I get to the end of the day and I’m happy it’s over. Even then I’m just grateful that I woke up and look forward to see what tomorrow will hold. 

I guess if I had a rewind button I’d have to use it a whole lot more than for one day. a la “click” style. I’d do it for any day that I let emotions get the better of me. Anyday I let myself lose my temper when I know better than that. When I failed to be the voice of reason and logic that both my son and wife have learned to appreciate if not love. 

Take this view above for example no matter what a wild ride any day of the year might have brought. Life is great because until death takes us we can still look up and see things like this and I know this to be true regardless of where you might be. In the not to distant past I was a long, long way from home and yet everyonce in a while I’d take a moment and look towards the horizon. I am till this day, in awe of the beauty that being alive was giving me.

Surely I can remember to do that at home when life gets a little tough. 


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