#projectreflect12 ~ December 7, 2011: Leaving on a Jetplane

December 7: Leaving on a Jetplane

Did you take a particularly amazing vacation this year? Where did you go? What did you see? How did you get there? How did you document it? And if you didn’t travel anywhere spectacular, describe your dream vacation.


In 2012 if I was going somewhere “I was running”!


I was lucky enough to get away from life/responsiblity/Los Angeles quite a bit this year. We took a trip to the big Island. (Coronado Island that is). We had an amazing view of the Coronado Bridge. I was lucky enough to have Ran there from Los Angeles. My wife and son drove down on the second day of my Rangar Relay to meet me there and we made a weekend of it. I took plenty of pictures but mainly I wrote about it in my journal and vowed to do it again before the year was over. 


Before the year ended I again ran a Ragnar Relay and this time the finish line was Las Vegas. More amazing views and this time I had my wife and son and even my parents to enjoy the wonderful views and festivities. It truly is a sight and very different from the Vegas we see on post cards. I’d dare to say it was the first time I really saw Las Vegas and the first time we’d been over there for 4 days. I for one can’t wait to go back. 

What I did not do in 2012 is go on the cruise of Kalel’s dreams (Disney cruises). Here’s to hoping. At this time next year I can write about the runs I had in the middle of the ocean and at least a couple international runs. (Ragnar is having it’s first international race. Niagra Falls here I come) If not that then any other city marathon. I want to be that person at the Expo, in town specifically for a race with all the time to enjoy the Expo and not just a burden between work days or traffic riddled commute home. 

Here’s to getting away! 



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