#projectreflect12 ~ December 8, 2012: Practice Makes Perfect

December 8: Practice Makes Perfect

Some things get better over time. Maybe you started something like Couch to 5K in the beginning of the year, and now you’ve run your first marathon. Perhaps you couldn’t boil water, and now you’re a gourmand in the kitchen. What is something you started in the beginning of 2012 that you can now do better at the end? How was the journey along the way?



If I started one thing this year was trying to take pictures other than of my food. For one I’m not fully content about what I’m eating. (A project destined to take shape in 2013) I am though amazed at how beautiful our everyday surrounding can be. Since I see a lot of while walking or running alone I thought I’d take picture of what I saw around me and post those result.


As the year kicked off I started with a project a picture a day. I was full of energy and then trying to take the perfect picture everyday, became a tiresome task instead of the fun. Simply setting my own internal rules about what needed to happen or not did wonders and now I may only take one or two a week but I feel when I’m inspired to take one it’s for a good reason.


It’s not an easy task because as it is with my writing I’m really self conscience of what anyone person might feel/think/need to say whethere it’s bad or now. Yet, as the year passed I look forward to the next best thing to photograph. I can see this being a thing that only gets better as 2013 rolls in and knocks at our door


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