#projectreflect12 ~ December 10, 2012: Ten Words


December 10: Ten Words

Rather than picking just one word to describe 2012, what are 10 words that you can use to describe 2012? Why did you choose these words, and how do they make you feel? If you can’t pick 10, pick as many as you can come up with. Are there any words for 2012 that you don’t want to see in 2013? Additionally, are there any words you wanted to use for 2012 but didn’t?


Eventful – I had so many wonderful events. From races to fundraisors I spent just about every weekend with friends or family and sharing in life and all it’s glory. 

Exciting – The night before my races is a rollercoaster of emotions. Yet over all it’s an excitement that I’m certain will never get old. 

Busy – The time it takes to maintain the endurance for all these events does not go unnoticed. Add a full time job to the mix and we’re talking two full time jobs.

Sad – I lost my grandmother this year. I will never forget the pain I felt during those final good byes. 

Memorable – A lot of first happened this year, as well as a lot of last. I spent some pretty amazing days remembering those lost. Trying to keep those memories alive even though they aren’t with us physically.

Speeding – I just started reflecting on 2012 a full 10 days has passed us by. Perfect example of what this year did. 

Sweaty – Have you read any of my post. I make it a point to sweat just about every day. 

Satisfying – I really loved this year and am overall satisfied with my accomplisments. 

Crossroads – I’ve really had to look at what is going on with my life and if I’d continue on the road I’m on or if it’s time to make a turn. 

Gone – This year is gone of course and as I look back I’m grateful but I can’t wait to see what 2013.

I don’t want to see the word “sad” next year. Every other word I want back next year. I also want to add “travel” to it. & “succesful”. Here’s to 2013, Cheers!!!!!! 


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