#projectreflect12 ~ December 12, 2012:


December 12: A Blogger’s Prerogative

Since you’re following these prompts, you’re more than likely a blogger. Was there a time this year where you received a comment on a blog post that made you want to just throw in the blogging towel and shut down your blog? Maybe you deleted the comment but it’s still bugging you. Call that person out (but not by name) and tell them how their comment made you feel! And if you haven’t gotten any particularly rude comments, write to someone that pissed you off! Get it all out!


I am a blogger. I can't say that I was hurt or angered by any specific comments this year. I didn't do much writing as fas as "CallejasThinks" is concerned. On other more personal writing any comments would mean a lot more. 

What I do admit to is to a few different people really upsetting me this year. I'd like to point out that every single one of these instances I racked my mind trying to figure out where I went wrong! So as I tried and think who this letter should be addressed to, I decided it was for me. 

Dear Jose,

I'm disappointed man! As upset as you were at different times this year nothing compares to how you handled some of these situations. I don't like the time you spent being angry. Time flies by as it is, with out you wasting time feeling like crap for something we have no control of. You're usually so positive and it has brought you this far. Lets not start a downward spiral into hate.

So here's to taking a breather the next time someone upsets me. So that I don't give anyone the power to dictate my day. I may not be able to completely control everything but I will do my best 


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