Up & Writing


The first day of the year is almost over. It’s like the end of the movie you knew would come but now that is done you wish you could watch for the very first time again. I started the day with my favorite thing to do running. Not a lot of mileage since I’m in a mini taper for my half marathon (The Inaugural New Year’s Race this upcoming weekend.

Even though it is a route I’ve ran hundreds if not thousands of times by now. I couldn’t help but be moved by the site of my route curving up ahead. That’s kind of what today means. I know some of what’s to come this year and yet the exact details and the way things will look or how I’ll get through them isn’t certain.

I didn’t make resolutions per se because I know those are meant to be broken or doomed to be broken. Yet I am recommitting to lifestyle changes I decided on some time ago now. I’m going to continue reading more. I’m going to keep running and really take control of what I eat. When I waver I will look to those that have battled and conquered the things I battle with. 

Mainly I’m going to write, it’s the one thing that I’ve kind of let fall to the way side to make time for the activities mentioned above. So here I am closing in on midnight and day 2 of this New Year and I’m writing. I can not promise that it will be daily but at the very least I promise you 52 post, with hopes of giving you even more of myself. 

I have so much to document this year. If I want to succeed in my nutrition changes documenting my successes and failures will provide a visual map of what works and what doesn’t. I also will always remember this year as I know it will be a good one. Only result possible when I few every new day as a gift. A written history of this year will be essential. 

I’m also certain every part of my life is not shareable or perhaps I’m just not bold enough to share it all yet. One day I will but for now, I’ll be using 750words program to write and then write some more on a daily basis. That I’m sure of. 



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