I knew before I met her #Reverb13 Day 2.

What was the best moment of 2013? What made your soul feel most nourished this year? What was the most memorable gathering you attended (or held) in 2013?

The absolute best moment of 2013 was the birth of my daughter. Emotionally it was just as overwhelming if not more than when I first became a father. I’ve read that the moment before ones death your whole life flashes before your eyes. For me the same could be said at the moment of my children’s births. My daughter being born definitely took me back when my boy was born and what I will never quite understand is how overwhelming it still was emotionally. Last time it was an unknown avalanche of emotion, but I was certain that this time I was ready and would not be fazed, but boy was I wrong. It was clear to me as I heard her cry out, after what seemed like a deep deep breath, her entire life and all the milestones I’d now be a part of flashed before my eyes, completely different then with my son.

She joined our family in early August just about a month shy of her expected date of birth so just like my son she made an early appearance. Yet this single moment was the culmination of what seemed an entire year of waiting for her arrival. As a family we all waited anxiously to meet her and every thing we did or thought about revolved how she would change our lives as we knew it. It definitely nourished our family and myself before hand and now that she’s been part of our family for a while now, we all wondered how we ever went on with out her. As happy as I am about that it absolutely fills me with pride and love to see how my son has embraced his role as a big brother.

All that being said 2013 will always be the year we added a new character to our story. Yes G and I became parents for a second time but that did not stop our friends and family from being happy at our good fortune. Our baby shower was really incredible and friends old and new stopped by to thanks us for sharing our love fest with them and to commend us for the great job we’ve done with child number one. I suppose that’s why it meant so much more. The baby shower the first time around was like a bachelor party of sorts where we said good by to our “single” days. This one was more of like a 10 year anniversary where the connection has been tried and we made it through with a passing grade.

2014 will bring plenty of first with our little one but 2013 will always be when I met the second girl to steal my heart.



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