The miles fuel the smiles #Reverb13 Day 7.

What was your biggest accomplishment of 2013? Please post your favorite picture of yourself from 2013, self-portrait or otherwise!

This year I actually read more books than I did last year. I definitely ran more miles than any previous year. (I added quite a bit of mileage to my training plan) I slept a lot more than I’ve done in the past. (no small feat with a newborn at home: knocking on wood). I don’t think I can tire of saying that I had a pretty kick-ass year all things considered. Pretty normal though and nothing too crazy to add as far as accomplishments. If my wife was the one writing this maybe she could post about creating a new person inside while still kicking major butt at home and at work. As for the portrait there are a few that I can share that really captured that awesomeness.

I think what took the greater part of the year was training for two separate marathons. The LA Marathon in the Spring & the Long Beach Marathon in the fall. Both had it’s ups and downs. They were both tough considering the weather can be completely opposite and nasty. (nasty for SoCal anyway, don’t hate me too badly). I’d ran the LA several consecutive years and although I always peppered in a few half marathons and various other races I’ve discussed. I never pulled the trigger on two marathons. It proved a lot to me and really showed me I might be able to squeeze a 3rd one during the year and see how that goes.

I finished the Long Beach Marathon over 20 min faster than I had ever finished a marathon and I’d argue that I had something left in the gas tank and that I actually played it too safely. It was also the first marathon where my daughter joined my regular cheering section. (yes I trained as best I could even after some late night feedings and overall zombie state of a brand new baby). Still I pushed forward and thought of my family not only at the finish line but of the awesome gift they give me by allowing me to continue to push myself. As much as those last few miles hurt, it all washed away when I saw my son smile and my wife greet me and begin to give the recap of her “race” experience. This was the first race where she was double teamed. It was a great a day all around.

celebrating daddy's PR

celebrating daddy’s PR





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