I love, I love my calendar …….. #Reverb13 Day 8.

Did you go on an adventure in 2013?  What sort? What went right in 2013?

I don’t think I would consider anything we did this year some grand adventure. Yet of course as I’ve now been recapping through out the week. It seems it was still a winning year.

In January I ran my first night race. February was a great birthday and it had been several years since I could really say that. March I ran another marathon, and K began another season of baseball. April was yet another half marathon and a confidence booster that helped me decide to throw in another marathon in the same calendar year. May was a mother’s day to remember since that’s the last as a mother of one. June we got all the baby furniture and the first of the baby showers. Not bad for the first half of the year.

Second half kicked off with another baby shower and G’s last day of work for sometime. Aug had barely started when we met the newest member of the clan (oh and yet another race). September is pretty much a blur. (see entry of August). October the haze started to clear as our darling daughter really was a champ and slept like one. I then ran the second marathon of the year in record time. November we celebrated 8 wonderful years with our little man, and I headed back to work.

Now we’re only a handful of days into December but other than a daily run challenge again nothing really out of the ordinary. I can’t consider all of this adventurous because I want this awesomeness to be routine as can be.



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