Nine going on 15 #Reverb13 Day 9.

What surprised you the most this year? Who inspired you in 2013? And why? Was there anything you were feeling nostalgic for in 2013?

Nothing surprised me more this year than how my son has grown into the role of Big Brother. Both his mother and I are older/oldest siblings and well lets just say we’re not the closest with our respective siblings. Yet with out skipping a beat he’s professed his love for his little sister and is a very passionate about no harm coming her way. To include shouldering any punishment I deem suitable in the future.

I’d argue that it has been inspirational to see. I try and remember if that’s how I felt when my younger brother was born. I truly may have been too young but definitely not by the time my sister was born. Yet somehow along the way we lost ourselves. Instead of being the protective brother I just removed myself in order to stop any more drama.

Nostalgia for the days when we were all younger makes his love for her even more admirable and as a parent I can only hope to aid in that love growing instead of eating at itself by not treating both my children the same. Something that is not easy because he’s 8 going on 15 and well wise beyond even those years.



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