Inspiration is as filling as thick crust #Reverb13 Day 10.

What inspired you this year? How can you turn off your auto-pilot button in 2014? 10 things you were thankful for in 2013?

We’re just half way through December and therefore this Reverb project. The thing with it this year is that there are a few seperate lists of prompts. I’ve simply used copy/paste from all three list I came across before December. What I see today is that the first prompt is exactly the same as another of the list previous post. So “who inspired me this year?” was already answered yesterday and I must say I’m pretty proud of that post. “Nine going on 15”

I’m not sure I quite understood the prompt about auto-pilot but here is my best stab at it. I think auto-pilot for me or anyone is the vices that keep coming back as if we had no control of the. For me the way I eat. Even when I should know better. With the amount of running and just overall working out that I do. I should have learned by now how what I eat has a direct effect on how I feel. During and after each work out. Yet I couldn’t seem to get that under control in 2013. That is the button I will be turning off. I vow to make it a point to turn off the auto pilot and make conscious decisions. When I do falter I won’t let that turn into the norm and understand that any progress is progress regardless of how small it may seem.

Lastly 1o things I’m grateful for. Before I start I will confess that I’m kind of over the list articles that came out almost daily throughout the year. So here is my list and I hope this Reverb doesn’t have me doing many more and that 2014 has “professional” journalist getting away from being lazy with lists instead of insightful articles.

1. My family : extended and especially immediate family.(This one can be the entire list on it’s own really)

2. Friends that make an effort to stay in touch : I’m great at this so I dislike those that don’t bother

3. My health : I’ve easily ran over 1200 miles this year. The most painful miles. The ones missed.

4. My job : Fairly new deal as far as the year is concerned but 2013 will always be the beginning.

5. Attitude : I kind of love the way I see/think of life. It’s truly a gift.

6. Music : There’s a song out there for just about anything and anyway you might be feeling or want to feel

7. Books : Just like music there is so much knowledge/love/pain/life that can be had if you crack open a book

8. People I met : this year that will now always be a part of my life. As well as those that came and are gone.

9. Life : As I write this list I can’t help but remember a list of things I swore I would do “IF” I made it home.

10. Finally I’m glad this list is over. Not the most fun to write but I hope not the worst thing you all could have read. Here’s to an even better 2014.



  1. I can so relate to the unconscious eating thing. For me, it’s often about numbing string feelings (my form of auto-pilot).
    I keep hearing that mindfulness and compassion are the key… I guess there’s not much choice but to keep practicing! 🙂

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