This year could have blown me away #Reverb13 Day 15

What kept you tethered to 2013? Give us a sensory tour of 2013. How would you describe the year that’s passing in terms of: Sight? Sound? Smell? Taste?Touch? What was your favorite photo taken OF you and/or the photo you loved best that you took in 2013?

I couldn’t have made it through this year with out my wife. No easy feat for her to go along with, I don’t know, carrying an almost 8 lb. baby. While still being a kick ass mom to our 8 year old son. Which by the way I’ll add isn’t a given as some friends have suggested. He’s a lot more independent than their toddlers but the universe of children only makes for bigger concerns. 

I could probably write list after list about how she’s been there for me and most of the time I may not be the most appreciative of something so normal from her. So I’ll take this chance to give you a sensory tour of what my Mrs Curls means to me.

Sight: She is as beautiful as the day I met her, when we were both still kids (literally). I couldn’t be happier to see her through out the day in the faces of our children. I knew I would never get tired of seeing her face. That’s how I knew she was the one.

Sound: I’ll be there first to admit that she’s can be a lot more real than when we first met. Of course the voice of the little girl who would laugh is sometime overpowered by the voice of the woman who can only put up with so much crap from an overgrown baby (only sometimes). Yet it is that stern yet loving voice that would pick me up when I was down.

Smell: I was told it was puppy love and that even the way she smelled would change to me as we grew older and life bore down on us. Maybe more than a decade together isn’t long enough and I’ll sing a different toon another 15 years from now but for now she smells like flowers and not the ones that make me sneeze either.

Taste: No there’s no need to get graphic. What I will say is that she makes everything I do taste just a little better. Dinner for example, she’ll agree is not her forte but there’s a bit of je ne sais quoi that I’m telling you I miss when it’s been a while since she’s made my favorite “breakfast for dinner”.

Touch: Again no graphic details. This is my wife we’re talking about after all. I will say that after 16 years of holding her hand I still feel at peace when I reach for hand and it’s there. She’s told me repeatedly that when I put my arms around her she feels safe. I’m not sure she’ll ever believe me that I’m the one that feels safe.


I’ve taken a lot of pictures of both my kids. For years when I was a father of one and now it’s just gone to a serious level. I can’t get enough of the cheeks on our new baby and have to take pictures of our first born before he is taller than mom. I can’t even begin to explain the awesomeness that is a picture of both of them. I don’t even know how I could pick a favorite one so here’s the latest one:





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