Ready or not here I come. #Reverb13 Day 18

What piece of clothing did you wear again and again all throughout the year?  Why?  Is it all worn out?  Are you going to replace it or keep wearing it? In the midst of living, did you find moments to breathe? Did you visit any place that holds special meaning to you in 2013?

I wore my glasses this year more than I have any other year (as an adult anyway). This for me was huge because it is something I had struggled with since I was a young boy. Since I’ve needed corrective lenses ever since I was very young. When I was younger my parents chose the glasses. It was the 80’s so you can just picture them and since my parents were choosing them perhaps google something from the 70’s which is when my father really found his way. Add to that the fact that it was the 70’s in El Salvador and I might argue you could even go back another decade. Yes, I was probably rocking some very fashionable 1960’s spectacles in the mid 1980’s way before that would have been a cool thing to do.

As soon as I had the sense and means to do so I switched over to contacts and believe me it was night in day. Anyone who knows me is aware of my fandom (my wife might call it obsession) of Superman. I suppose I can write about that once I’m done with Reverb and I’m back to not knowing what to write about on a daily basis. Anyway, I left Clark behind and grew into the Superman I though I should be. At 15 of course that probably wasn’t the best version of Superman I could have been but I was done with hiding behind the glasses. I was tired of being invisible (or so I thought).  Fast forward 15 years (plus) and I have really come to terms with true strength. I have made my peace with that geek behind the glasses and am actually pretty happy when I look back at everything he read and learned and never let go of despite the life he lead as a Superman from high school fights and then through a much more important fight through out my Marine Corps career.

I do plan to purchase contacts in the near future but I think I can say with almost 100 percent certainty that I will always wear my glasses and replace them with a nicer pair from time to time because I do wear the crap out of them and even wear them while I run. I only use the case they come in for about a week or two and it’s back to treating them like a wallet or worse.

I mentioned above about coming to terms with true strength and I’m perfectly aware that it may not be clear. I suppose I can try and clarify: I’ve done quite a bit of fighting in my day. Before the Marine Corps and unfortunately after as well. What I know to be truth about either is that it wasn’t always my physical strength that made it successful for me. Words did not always get me out of fighting but if I knew what I knew now when growing up I probably would have avoided a few. The same is true for most struggles/fights in our lives. How you choose to tackle something has a lot of impact on how it will get resolved. Yes roll with the punches but what if whatever it was would never have knocked you down. No need to roll just stand and take it a little bit. I’ve learned with my glasses on that I can literally see things clearly and my more rational side takes over. Or perhaps it is just how others perceive me and aren’t automatically on the defensive. Either way I’d like to control that situation.

I mentioned before that this year I really kept it local. That has really made home a safe place and a just like when I was kid home means save and until you know all was safe you didn’t leave home. This year is almost over and it’s a good time to close this chapter and now use everything this year taught me to move forward. So I plan to leave home base (wether for work or when we tackle new adventures as a family of four now) Ready or not world here I come!!





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