Every extrovert needs their introvert #Reverb13 Day 19.

Were you an extrovert or an introvert this year? How will you practice self-compassion?

As I type these out on a daily basis I always run the prompts by my wife to see if she has any input towards them. I mean I did spend the year by her side. Last night when I received the question about E or I she did not hesitate to say of course I was an extrovert. See she happens to be an I so of course as she has explained many a time I am draining to her. Especially when she is winding down and I want to keep talking and having fun until the night is done. So yeah I was an extrovert. I draw life from human interaction. It’s not like I can’t be alone but why should anyone have to be alone. Right?

Of course then I get critical and wonder if something is wrong with me. Something I have got to stop. I try and be so understanding with others. (if it doesn’t seem like that to those close to me they’ve just used up there share of understanding) Yet I’m not very understanding with myself. I have to change that because I can’t keep punishing myself for past mistakes life’s already taking care of that for the most part. So I will probably take the time to write stuff down and then read back like I’m reading about someone else. That will also mean learning to take my own advice. Which by the way have been told is pretty great. Every time that happens I end up thinking “I should really take that advice”.




  1. Ahhh, it’s always easier to give others advice than follow it ourselves, no?
    For me, one of the biggest motivators to practice self-compassion is the reality that my daughter is going to watch what I do for clues about how to treat herself. If I want her to treat herself with kindness — and of course I do! — then I need to show her how that’s done. A tall order!!

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