If you need a hand, I don’t mind at all #Reverb13 Day 21.

What thing did you keep encountering this year over and over again?  Was it something you learned from, or was it just a strange coincidence?

I think I called 9-1-1 more times this year than I had in my entire life. Oddly enough out of the 6 times I dialed for cops to come “assist” me. Only one time did they show up fast enough to actually help anyone.

Two of them were accident scenes and I waited and waited and actually left before any police arrived. One of those was a bicyclist victim of a hit and run. The other a fender bender with a big language barrier, leaving both parties very frustrated.

The other four were fights. One brother pair, one pair of friends and two couples. The loudest and actually most dangerous in my opinion were the two couples. In the first instance the female was almost ran over the boyfriend and was probably justified because he was pretty violent with the hood of the car. I’m glad she was able to drive away. The second couple were just really vicious with their words and yet both parties seemed to want the other to escalate it.

In all three mentioned incidents (except the brothers we’ll get to that soon) it just took my saying something so that the party on the verge of breaking a law was snapped back into reality. I was yelled at a couple times and called some names I’m not even sure made any sense. Now the brothers were actually beating on each other. I saw them from fairly far away as I ran in their direction. (All these incidents interrupted a run). By the time I got to them one party had taken control and I simply had to end the fight. I did just that and then believe it or not the losing party actually had the ugliest response.

That one really made me think about being a good samaritan and about helping someone who obviously needed some help. I’m always the guy who stops because I’d never want to feel completely alone with so many people moving about. I pull over to help change a tire. Like I said though these guys really made me question myself but at the end of the day I figured I gave them something to agree on and that may have saved them from years of being pissed off at each other.




2014 is going to be MY YEAR because… I’m convinced every year will be. Why wouldn’t it be? I love how #’s look and well 2014 has my birthday in it. 2/14/2014 I’ll be turning 33. This has to be my year.

In 2014, I am going to do… 3 marathons. I did 2 this year and I just need to figure out when to squeeze in a 3rd. If not official I’ll throw in a 26.2 mile “training” run just because.

In 2014, I am going to feel… everything that I can. I’m going to feel pain, because “it is a reminder I’m alive” I’m going to feel good about how far I’ve come.

In 2014, I am not going to… keep thinking about the year we left behind. It was great but we have to make the next one better. Just as I can’t punish myself for past mistakes. My triumphs can’t define or overshadow future successes.

In December 2014, I am going to look back and say… Wow that just happened? I am so glad I did not let fear cripple me and just went for it. I still miss our old place though.



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