Flex your happiness #Reverb13 Day 25

Covet: What did you covet this year?  Are you working towards getting that, or just admiring it from afar?  Is it a tangible thing, or just an idea?  Tell us about what you’ve got your sights set on.

I can say with pride that I didn’t want for much this year. I wanted my son to be healthy and for my baby to be born healthy. You get the theme.

Previous years I want the newest computer or iPad. I also keep trying to figure what kind of car I’ll be driving when I finally make it back on the road. I waited this long, might as well wait until I get the perfect car, I would say. . Something with “muscle” and at the very least some character.

I’ve done all that wondering or hoping from afar. I think my own decision, since it was after all a choice, is dependent on my employment “situation”. This was not what happened this year though. I really learned to pair down and I couldn’t be happier for that.



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