I remember this one time…. #Reverb13 Day 26.

Tell us about five moments you don’t want to forget from 2013.

Everything leading up to the birth of our beautiful baby girl. Everything about it. I remember finding out she would be a little girl. I want to remember seeing my wife glow with happiness for days to come. From the days leading up to her birth that were a bit frightening. Every detail of the actual day. She woke us up and our trek across town as a family. The overwhelming amount of emotions I thought I would keep at bay when first laying eyes on her. Then even more so when finally getting both my children in the same room.

A summer at home with my family of 3. We had a nice run the 3 of us. No matter where life leads us in 2014 it will never be the same. I do believe it’s for the better but still it was just the 3 of us for almost 8 years. It was a special bond that I’m not sure words could truly describe.

The joy of not one but two Marathon finish lines. Really staying committed with my running has brought me so much. I’ve been running for a few years but always as part of a group and although I love company on a long run. I love the solitude of running alone. The bulk of my runs were done solo and so the joy of crossing that line is mine. With that said every finish line I cross is a little sweeter when my family is there to celebrate the struggle with me.

Feeling very excited and nervous bordering on terrified on the first day of a new job. Earlier in the year I left a full time job. Pay wasn’t anything life changing but it was consistent. So leaving was terrifying but the only option for my sanity. It wasn’t normal work stress. I mean as a Marine I experience stress that will be hard to match at a civilian work place. This was about personal respect and dignity. Fast forward to the end of the year. I’m employed before the year ended and it should be a great 2014 but I need to always remember what I felt like on that first day and what it meant to me to get back in the work force.

What I believe to be the last Christmas my son will still really believe in Santa Claus. 2o12 I didn’t even get him on Santa’s lap. This year he hopped in because we asked him to so his sister wouldn’t be scared. He’s asking all the right questions and also his list is getting to the point where of course I should get more credit than the fat guy. It doesn’t help that he’s one of two 8 year olds in 4th grade. He’s in class with some 10 year olds that are truly past it. I’ll try and keep Santa alive in 2014 but just in case I want to remember his face lighting up because Santa came through on a couple of gifts I told him I didn’t think he needed.





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