Well would you look at that… #Reverb13 Day 29

List posts are everywhere.  Top 10 Ways to be Happier Today.  Three Tips for More Energy.  Seven Ideas to Stay Focused.  Give us a list.

I’m not happy about this prompt. I’ve mentioned how annoying list are elsewhere on the internet. That said I appreciate The Reverb Project and so here’s my list for today. I take a lot of pictures so here are my top 12 favorite pictures I took in 2014. Yes one for every month.

January: New Year’s Race/Biltmore Hotel

It was like traveling back to a different time to an old school Los Angeles



February: Library time with K

Topanga Library after school because daddy is a bookworm. I don’t care what he reads so long as he continues to read.


March: Relaxing at Balboa Park/Lake in Encino

He is so active that I really appreciate when he slows down and it’s usually when I show him how beautiful the world truly is.



April: Dodger Stadium w/ Grandpa

Grandpa was turning 55 and each child had given him one grandkid



May: Motherhood Maternity after baseball

After a win for the WhiteSox we headed to the mall because Mommy finally gave in to needing some maternity clothes. I really needed to capture how grown my son really is.



June: Yum Yum Donut.

We took a trip to the donut shop for a celebratory donut on National Donut day. It’s always a no so he hadn’t been there in a while.



July: Santa Monica Pier

As a Tom Hanks fan he was certain he’d be BIG by morning.



August: Home

The last night before our beautiful daughter was born. She was born just hours later.



September: Home w/ the kids

My son loves his sister so much and it melts my heart to watch him with her.



October: Pizza Rev

After a Chicago win the boy and I went to Pizza Rev for pizza. Time alone with the boy is always nice.



November: Drive Thru

I got a lot of dirty looks because of my carpool buddy. This was the first of many on a very promising set of post around the house and elsewhere with Vader. My daughter loves this thing.



December: Santa Clause Lane

Last year K(1) was against a Santa picture. With the addition of K(2) he’s had a change of heart and we were on our way.



Thanks for stopping by, I apologize for the list. I really try and keep those to a minimum. Also, although I’d love to buy a better camera, I do believe the old adage that the best camera is the one you have with you.


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