I cut the chord for a year #Reverb13 Day 30

Relationships: Did you find a new best friend?  Delve deeper into an existing relationship?  Break up?  Get back together?

So this prompt made me think I missed something this year. Also makes me think that the year was so great because I kept everything pretty small with in my immediate family. I let my wife fill every role friends might have in the past. I guess you could say our bond grew stronger.

So I’ll focus on other relationships. I broke up with the “cable/satellite” company. This entire year I relied on the internet programming for all my TV entertainment. That really cleared up a lot of time for other stuff that filled up my year. I guess that’s how I managed to run 1200+ miles.

Sadly I made it through a year and now I’m thinking about getting back together. Hopefully before awards season. If not by then before football season. I’m convince my team lost just because I wasn’t watching all the games. That’s how it works right?

One more post and this Reverb13 is over. Kind of sad.


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