I didn’t think I’d make it, but now…… #Reverb 13 Day 31

At the end: What’s next for you?

2014 is almost here. 2013 was pretty great but of course it means we have to raise the bar.

Tomorrow will be the end of #RWrunstreak and after a shirt run I will have run for 35 days. From thanksgiving to the new year. I should be able to go back to days off on Fridays. Or I might just keep running at least 1 mile and keep this streak alive.

I’m also jumping on a #makefatcry challenge as well as continuing training for a spring marathon. From the looks of it a lot of calisthenics. Kicking off on the wife’s 33rd birthday. Might convince her to join me. She did join out on the road for a marathon.

Yet another challenge is reading more as well as writing more thanks to the #dailypost from WordPress. No set number of books but definitely not fall off the pace of some pretty stellar years 20 in 2012 and 24 in 2013. For writing it might help to write early and let it flow even if I don’t post until much later.

I then head back to work and have a great January to set the tone for money earning potential of the year. From working on scripts for sales calls and just getting our name out into the stratosphere. For your home buying/selling needs look for The Shafer Group LA every time.

I’m not going to list every single month. First I hate list and well. I don’t doubt my January being awesome I just can’t limit how awesome. So Happy New Year to all. What a month/year it has been.


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