Do it Fast, Now

Kick it: What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

These prompts are trying to kill me just day three and there is that word “list”. No bucket list here. A few years back I probably would have said that I wanted to run a marathon. I’ve done that now several times over and I’m a believer that once that happened I could do just about anything.

I think before that, the same could have been said about my time at Marine Corps boot-camp. If I could get through that I could do anything. So basically I come up with a goal and I just need to figure out the steps and timeline of how and when I’ll do it. So again no list here. So I’ll discuss another goal I’ve given myself.

I want to knock another 10 to 20 minutes off my marathon time. I’ve decided I’m going to be having a lot higher mileage on a weekly basis as well as at least 2 or 3 times a week I’ll be concentrating on speed-work because that is what’s going to make me faster. That and consistently running the hills. Something I’ll be doing at least once a week.

I really think these is more than possible for me. I’m officially on a #runstreak (Day 37) and feeling re energized in my running compared to the exhaustion that set in back in August when my daughter was born. Energized enough to really step up my cross training as well.

I think this all means I’m “crazy” or at least that’s what any of my non runner friends would say. Oh that reminds me that’s another goal of mine get more non runner friends to go for a run with me. I have to share this feeling with others.



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