Better together…

I’m happy to say I’ve not left my family in quite sometime. That last time the wife and I “got away” from the kids was for a family wedding we attended just a couple of weeks after K(2) was born. Even that night we spent the evening giving other children at the wedding the evil eye because of course we missed our children. 

My favorite: What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

I’ve left my wife side for long, long periods of time. I would never get this post finished though if I got into trying to explain how crappy that time was. So instead I’ll talk about how life is now.

Just like I haven’t left my children’s side I haven’t really been apart from my wife for very long. Even my longest of runs is less than 4 hours. I’ve gone to the bar occasionally but now I only spend a couple of hours there. I think maybe that’s why we’ve grown closer together.


zerotohero update: I really do like my current theme. It was the last one I settled on only because I’d tried everything before it. Only thing that bugs me about his one is that it keeps my tag line hidden.



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