I’ve always wondered if you remember me ma’am

Teacher’s pet: Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

I think the teacher who had the most impact on me was my kindergarten teacher. I didn’t attend pre-school and so she was my very first teacher. Her name was Mrs. Moore and she taught for many years at Atwater Village Elementary School. Of course my school year with her is a blur and I have various different memories with her and her kindness really sticks out for me.

Atwater is a tiny neighborhood in Los Angeles and although with in a sprawling city. Everyone in Atwater knows each other. So you can imagine how many kids my age and older I knew who had been with Mrs. Moore for kindergarten. I have cousins 10 years my senior that were with her when they were in elementary school.

I think the biggest contribution she made was a the years after having met me. Through out my elementary stay she checked in with me and my family from time to time. She spoke to my parents about my potential and about options for my future schooling. She helped my parents pick out a better school for me as opposed to the middle school where the rest of my friends would be going. (I probably would have met my wife 5 or 6 years earlier if I had gone to Irving).

When I enlisted in the Marine Corps I went to her with that information as the young man she knew I would become. We talked about how even at 5 years old she could tell I was a leader and definitely not a follower. Years after that I brought my wife to meet her and at that point it wasn’t even odd to me that I was sharing such special moments in my life with my kindergarten teacher.

My one regret is that life got in the way and we grew apart. She of course finally retired from a long career of teaching. I never got a chance to introduce her to my son. Or now my daughter. I wonder from time to time if she is doing well or if the connection I had meant that much to her when on her end it’s a countless amount of students who might feel the same way.


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