I’m clearly giving this too much thought

I’m torn about whether I believe in Destiny or not. On one hand I want to believe that everything is predetermined because if that’s the case I can stop worrying because it will all work out in the end or simply end. No need to worry at all. On the other hand I hate to think that I have no control on what is going on. If destiny is real then there’s no point to really think things through, right? I mean, first thing that comes to mind is probably the way to go.

Isn’t that what I’ve been doing though. I always go with my instinct and have really become accustomed to trusting my gut. It hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Or has it? I suppose it’s subjective and depending on who you asked they might be quick to point out when and how I’ve been wrong.

Either way if there was any chance to read a book about my life I would totally read it. I am after all the type of person to read a book before the movie so that I can experience the movie on a more deeper level changes or not.

#runstreak update Day 45 : 9mi



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