Dear Pen Pal,

How long has it been since you walked to the mail box (whether in the lobby of your building, or at the end of your driveway) and walked back to your place with a multiple page letter? Sure over the holidays we all received a holiday card or two. I love the photo cards but as far as reading and message no one will argue that it’s pretty generic.

As I remember my time overseas from time to time. I focus on some pleasant memories and just like it had been at boot camp: Mail Call was pretty nice. Especially after a few days of no mail when reading 1 letter after another is so fullfilling even if exhausting. (Think binge watching a great show nowadays on netflix or hulu) I’m not sure when the last time it is your received a letter like that but it’s been too long for me.

I want a pen pal again. I want to see life how someone else pictures it. I’m sure the first few exchanges might be short but surely if I cast a large enough net I might make a friend that I will soon enough exchange some long winded letters. I will also find it pretty amazing to close out a letter with an actual signature. Attaching postage and mailing out a letter.

Anyone out there want to be my pen pal? The farther from Los Angeles the better. We don’t have much of seasons here so I’d like to know how the seasons are for you and so many other things I might ask. If you’re a runner that would be pretty great.



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