Loyalty has an expiration date

“Loyalty has an expiration date”

I heard that on a celebrity Vlog the other day. You can google it and I’m sure you’ll see so much more this individual has been going on and on about in the last few days. He’s just had a pretty traumatic experience and I feel that he finds it therapeutic to help those that might have as much as him and I quote by “laying some knowledge down”.

Well back to the quote. What I took away from it is that there is a lot to be said about being loyal to those you care for. Family& Friends and various different relationships. Now that doesn’t mean that we should lose ourselves in any of those relationships. We would let most relationships go to levels of pain or happiness we let our friendships go to let alone what we at times allow family to go to.

I think it’s just because as a society we’ve been told what this totem pole of relationships looks like and been told which is more important. More so in my culture where family comes second only to our relationship with “God”. A notion I don’t fully embrace and not sure I ever will. (no judgement, I’ll write that post some other time).

So why then should I embrace family I have absolutely nothing in common with. I would never be friends with these people. In fact I did so only because of the convenience I suppose of our parents need to hang out with each other when we were children. Anyway, enough of a rant from on this day. Do you have family you wish you didn’t have to tolerate?




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