50 is nothing to sneeze at

Today with out much fan fare. I reached the 50th day of a self imposed #runstreak.

I had planned  a triumphant 5 mi run and then taking a day off (tomorrow) before my long weekend runs. I have 10 planned for Saturday and then 20 on Sunday per the Hal Higdon marathon training plan.

Life got in the way and I ran the minimum to keep my streak alive. 1 mi. I know I need to be OK with those days especially since I have really long runs coming up and I just ran 9mi and 19mi this last weekend. It’s just as a distance runner it feels like I’m cheating myself from some mileage.

I still haven’t committed to running for the whole year. I don’t want it to kill me, I want to “enjoy” my streak. So for now I’ll commit to getting to day 75. Perhaps I can cap it with a 7.5 mi run or 75 min run technically it should be around the same distance and time.

Just like my reading streak is going. It’s the 16th and I’ve read every day since the New Year. One book a week so far and although I know I can’t keep that pace. It’s kind of thrilling to have two books under my belt and only half way through the month really.

Are any of you out there on a streak? Have you read anything great so far this year? If you made any how are your New Year’s Resolutions going?


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